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Monday, October 1, 2012

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Fall is finally upon us and it is time to begin decorating for the season, swapping out your bright and bold spring and summer colored accessories (see my previous blog post on that subject here) for nice warm, autumn colors. While you are doing so, now is probably the best time to head to the store and grab this past summer's items on clearance. You'd be surprised at what you can find. I always love doing this at the end of each season (and also the day after holidays like Halloween, Christmas, etc.). I've picked out some of my favorite bright colored accessories that I have seen this summer.

Place these in the northeast, southwest, west, northwest and center of your home to enhance your knowledge, relationships, creativity, synchronicity & travel and health areas of your home in feng shui. Key element: earth
Place these in the north, west and northwest areas of your home to enhance your career, creativity and synchronicity and travel areas of your home in feng shui. Key element: metal

Rugs are great for defining a space or adding color to any room. Bright, patterned rugs go well with neutral colored walls and furniture.
Throw pillows are also great for brightening up any room. I like to use these in pairs or in threes on a couch, sectional or sofa.

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