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Friday, October 19, 2012

Clever Space-Saving Ideas to Organize the Home, Bedroom or Dorm!

Do you have a small space and too much stuff? Don't know where to put it? Or do you simply want to maximize the space that you currently have? The first step in feng shui is clearing out clutter. Without a clean and clutter-free space, one can not begin to feng shui a home. Here are a few space-saving ideas that will be sure to keep you organized and clutter-free, so that your home decor can shine!

Shelf in place of a bulky nightstand

Ottoman with built-in storage

Attic turned into family-size guest room

Curtains hide under-shelf washer & dryer in main living area

Add towel rack to pantry door to keep lids organized

Above-door shelf for extra storage

Hang magazine racks for fruit baskets to free up counter space

Add crown moulding to closet wall for added shoe storage

In-closet bunk beds

Narrow pull out storage for canned goods

Closet nook for desk area

Day bed or child's bed in a closet
Use a wine rack as a towel holder to save cabinet space.

Pull-out cutting board cabinet

Vertical garden for small patios

Save space, even in your fridge! Store lettuce in a pitcher with water.

Under stairway drawer storage

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