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Friday, June 1, 2012

How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

Gallery walls create a neat and streamlined look when you have a bunch of frames that you'd like to hang on the same wall. Instead of hanging them sporadically on a wall, use these guides below to create the perfect gallery wall. 

When preparing to hang your pictures, you'll need a few sheets of kraft or wax paper and some toothpaste. Lay the paper on the ground and then place your frames on the paper. Once you have your desired layout, outline the frames with a marker until you've outlined each frame in your gallery. Now take a picture of your gallery layout so you will remember where to hang each picture. Next, remove the pictures from your paper layout and dab a small amount of toothpaste to the back of each picture in the hole or hanging tab where it will be hung on the nail or screw. Now place each frame back onto its respective spot on your paper layout. When you remove the frames again, you will then have toothpaste marks on your paper layout. Circle these with a marker. This is where your holes will need to be drilled in the wall. Lastly, tape your paper layout to the wall in your desired location and place your nails or screws in the wall where you have marked your circles. You are now ready to hang your gallery.

Here are a few of my favorite gallery walls.

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