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Monday, April 23, 2012

DIY Candle Projects

I came across a few DIY (do it yourself) candle making projects that I thought might be fun and easy to make. As an added bonus, you can use these candles as the fire element in feng shui. The fire element can be added to the center of your home to enhance your health, the northeast area to enhance knowledge, the south to enhance your reputation and in the southwest to enhance your love and relationships. Have fun with it!

Add thyme or any other herb to the outside of candle for a fresh scent

These candles are made from recycled bottles

Potted votives

Scented candles in canning jars

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Feng Shui Your Home: Enhancing Your Family & Wealth Areas With Easy-to-Grow Plants

In feng shui, the main element used to enhance the east and southeast areas of your home is wood. The east area of your home represents family, and the southeast area of your home represents wealth. If you are looking to improve either of these areas, this post is for you! 

The wood element can be represented by almost any item that is made of wood; however, I always recommend using live plants, as it is always nice to incorporate nature into your home.  Just think about how nice it feels when you receive a nice bouquet of flowers to display on your dining table. Not only are the colors beautiful, but they also smell great! Whether you are using a bouquet of flowers, potted plants, or even herbs in your kitchen, you can’t go wrong by incorporating either of these into your home.

I accidentally came across a nice, easy and cheap way to grow a colorful plant that you can use in either the wealth or family areas of your home. If you like beets, this is even more of a bonus! All you need to do is cut the tops and bottoms off of the beets before you cook them. Note: cook the beets, not the tops and bottoms you cut off. Then place the tops and bottoms in a small dish of water and wait for them to sprout up. They normally sprout up in about a few days and in a week or so, your beet greens will really start to grow. Just keep watering them, and that’s it! They don’t really need much sun, but you do need to keep your dish filled with water. You can also eat the greens that sprout up, but I prefer to leave them as decoration since they look so nice! 

Beet greens sprouting after a few days

Beet greens after 1 week

Beet greens after 2 weeks

Beet greens after 3 weeks

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